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Choir History

ExeVox was formed in 2005 by a small group of like-minded singers who wanted to perform an eclectic range of music (literally from “Bach to Beatles”!). They appointed Peter Adcock as their inspirational musical director, who would not only conduct them, but also accompany the singers on various keyboard instruments, write programme notes, arrange well known pieces in his own inimitable style, etc., etc.

They gave their first performance in St. Michael’s Church, Heavitree on 9th April 2005, to great acclaim, and have had a faithful following ever since. There are great skills within the group, so, for the most part, solos are undertaken by its own members. Under Peter Adcock’s direction, the group has gone from strength to strength, and “spread the word” far and wide, in Devon and beyond, over the past 10 years. They have carried out interviews with Exeter’s Phonic FM and BBC Radio 3. Some recordings have been taken, both in studio and in concert.  The choir has featured compositions by one of its members, Bee Harley.

Events and Tours.

Over the past twelve years concerts have taken ExeVox throughout Devon and we’ve performed with international artists including mezzo-soprano Sarah Walker and virtuoso classical trumpeter Crispian Steele-Perkins.

 ExeVox members have travelled far and wide to spread the word – from Ghent to Rome and Venice, and more recently on tour twice in 2013 and 2015 in the South of France:  here they performed in the Cathedral of Mirepoix, a most beautiful arcaded town, and toured Carcassonne and the Cathar mountain forts.  They also sang in the beautiful little village of Camon during their ‘Festival des Roses’ and entertained the guests in an exclusive Hotel located in a former monastery.  Members of ExeVox also sang in the market square and gave an impromptu performance in the rock church at Vals which a passing tourist declared ‘reduced me to tears’.

Here they are at the Chateau de Camon, a former monastery converted into an exclusive hotel.

Every year Exevox embarks on a ‘Church Safari’, in which we travel through three or four churches in a given area performing short concerts and raising money for charities.  The most recent of these was in the Belstone, Sticklepath and Okehampton area.

ExeVox regularly hold special study days to concentrate on individual repertoire.